The BBCS Help Desk is made available for our larger clients and is a central point of contact for representatives and staff to log any concerns or operational issues they may have.

All issues and any work requests are processed through our central Help Desk system, therefore creating a trackable audit trail. All aspects of the contract operation are recorded to ensure the reporting detail is accurate.

As the system is web based, Clients will have 24/7 access to the Help Desk system and will therefore be able to track call logs at any time at any location. By tracking calls logged on the Help Desk, all issues and requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently and any action taken will always be recorded on our system.

The process achieved by the Help Desk is identified below:

  • Calls logged.
  • Inform the BBCS Area Manager of the issue.
  • The Area Manager will discuss the nature of the issue with the relevant Site Manager/Supervisor and or Team Leader.
  • The Site Manager/Supervisor will ensure that the issue is rectified and check with the Client Representative that the remedial work has been carried out satisfactorily. At this point the Site Manager/Supervisor will inform the BBCS Help Desk simultaneously that the issue has been rectified.
  • In the event of an emergency, our mobile operatives will be sent direct to site by the Operations Director in order to rectify the problem. Once the work is signed off, the BBCS Help Desk will be informed.
  • The issue is ‘closed’ on the Help Desk system by the client representative.

The relevant information will be recorded on the Help Desk system, which will include the following minimum information:

  • Date of non-conformance/complaint/action.
  • Detail of non-conformance/complaint/action.
  • A timescale for executing the corrective action.
  • Person and extension number raising complaint, etc.
  • Person responsible for action required.
  • Corrective action undertaken and date recorded.

Once the non-conformance/complaint/action has been completed this will be filed and a summary contained within the Monthly Report. A daily, weekly or monthly report can be set up within the software to automatically e-mail the Client representative detailing all the calls received, their nature, open calls, closed calls and statistics.

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