BBCS will carry out quality audits via various CMS electronic quality monitoring systems, such as Ezitracker and Templa.

The audit software will have preloaded audit schedules in line with ISO compliance and the Contract Manager and Site Managers will carry out audits regularly at the end of the month so that the results are ready for the monthly management meetings.  Reports can be emailed to your Site Representatives.

Information and results from our formal monthly audits will be reviewed with you during the monthly management meeting. This will be an open forum for discussion to discuss the results of our audits as well as reviewing other reports.

While this information will be formally presented to you on a monthly basis, you will have access to historic audit scores, and any improvement plans, whenever you see fit. This information can be as complicated, or as simple as you would like.

As our client, you have several ways in which our audit scores and general information can be provided to you via email, hard copy or via the client portal.

Time & Attendance

In addition to having a clear understanding of the labour levels required in delivering the service, we are also able to offer complete clarity in regards to the hours worked.

Monitoring staff attendance has become a must-have feature in cleaning contracts. And BBCS can offer the latest technology in regard to this.

We are able to demonstrate that across the portfolio, our staff have put in the shifts needed to deliver the specification, and also offer reassurance that the hours promised are being delivered.

Utilising our new Templa CMS solution, we are able to offer a full range of on-site Time and Attendance (T&A) hardware technologies from biometric and one-time-password devices, through to a mobile app or SIM and client phones. Templa CMS drives the whole process, with a single point of data entry and 2-way real-time data exchange with the T&A system, making data available to all client managers 24/7.

Alerts are sent automatically to our management team, for example no-shows or late attendance and this provides the opportunity for us to ensure that the shifts are covered so that no loss of hours is recognised.

At BBCS we recognise the value in innovation as the driving force of continuous improvement. The BBCS Innovation Council was formed to provide a forum for innovative ideas which will help us drive our business forward.

Microfibre Technology

It is our intention to fully investigate cleaning methods and materials at your premises, with a view to introducing microfibre cloths and mops. Microfibre cleaning technology is based upon a non-chemical and more productive approach to cleaning. In turn this is also environmentally friendlier.

Toucan Eco – Chemical Free Cleaning

We have invested in researching the new Toucan Eco which is a combined cleaning and disinfecting system.

This is a fantastic new innovation that is low in cost and effective. This product sanitises and disinfects and will kill viruses like swine flu and bird flu. The Toucan Eco system uses water and salt to make highly effective sanitisation, and last longer than the Ionator by many hours, as the Ionator uses a short term electrical charge in the water. The Toucan Eco is proving to be incredibly successful with many of our clients.

Space Vac

We also use suppliers who have invested in the latest innovative & up to date technology in the workplace, called Space Vac. This is a high level vacuum cleaning system designed without the need for ladders, hydraulic platforms or scaffolding, thereby reducing the risk of damage and injury as all the cleaning work takes place from the safety of the ground floor.

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