Management Control Systems

BBCS have management control systems in place to ensure the smooth running of our contracts. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015, audited by ISOQAR, an external registered UKAS organization.

Monitoring of Performance and Audit Process

At BBCS we believe in being proactive in our approach to contract management and resolving issues, and as part of our quality control we use very effective auditing methods and will review our findings with you.

As well as working with KPIs, we ensure our Area Managers carry out quality auditing using electronic auditing software to audit sites. The audit is completed after a walk round with the Site Representative on a monthly basis and the data will be collated, monitored and analysed. These scores are monitored on a month by month basis so that we can see any trends that may be affecting the service.

Our Area Managers and Supervisors have checklists that they complete on a daily basis to ensure cleaners are working to the specification and using the correct methods of cleaning.

At the start of the contract we draft up cleaning schedules based on the cleaning specification ensuring that the individual cleaning tasks are being carried out at the correct frequency and are covered by the cleaner’s working shift.

Customer Care Calls

Telephone Calls are made, at random by a Director, to clients to check on satisfaction levels.

Client Meetings and Performance Reviews

Our Area Manager will have a monthly performance review meeting with your on-site Representative where the audited data can be analysed and action points set in order to resolve any issues or make improvements. This data can be presented to the client in a Monthly Report and shows a clear indication of BBCS’ performance for that period.

Stores and Maintenance

At BBCS we have our own dedicated in-house Stores & Maintenance department where all the necessary materials, equipment, uniforms and consumables are ordered and supplied direct to all sites.

As part of BBCS’s quality management system, all machinery and supplies must be inspected to ensure quality and safety standards are met. All vacuums, floor machines and wet suction appliances must initially be tested by our in-house engineers and are regularly monitored on site or at Head Office. Cleaning operatives and supervisors are expected to report any faulty appliances to their Area Manager who will then arrange for the faulty equipment to be returned to store, which is then repaired and re-PAT tested. All electrical appliances are PAT tested by our in-house engineers on a yearly basis. Our engineers must record all machinery that is PAT tested on site or in Stores in the PAT testing book held in our Stores & Maintenance department.

Our Core

  • Daily Commercial Cleaning
  • Education Cleaning
  • Healthcare Cleaning
  • Retail & Leisure Cleaning
  • Security Services

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