BBCS have implemented a robust training matrix which delivers optimum results, both with our HO staff as well as our cleaning teams on site. Our external training suite delivers a number of courses and is available to all members of staff thus ensuring that they have the relevant knowledge and experience to carry out their daily responsibilities in a safe environment. This is renewed on an annual basis.

As BBCS holds a licence to practice under BICS, all on site cleaning personnel are trained to the BICS Cleaning Professional Skills Suite which forms part of their induction training. This is reinforced on a regular basis with refresher training carried out where necessary. Furthermore, as an organisation who employs a multi-cultural workforce, we offer English lessons to staff where English is not their first language.

Our Core

  • Daily Commercial Cleaning
  • Education Cleaning
  • Healthcare Cleaning
  • Retail & Leisure Cleaning
  • Security Services

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